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Better research leads to better patient outcomes

H1 provides Medical Centers with up-to-date scholarly and clinical data to support physicians, researchers, and medical students in delivering the best possible care.

Medical Centers use the H1 global provider database to understand their influence on the broader research community, enhance the impact of their medical breakthroughs, and more effectively collaborate around research.

Enhance scholarly and clinical research activities with strategic benchmarking.

Enable your research institution to make more effective and strategic decisions with an unprecedented perspective into how your peers engage with clinical trials, publications, citations, and grants.

Coordinate medical student research and monitor alumni impact.

The H1 platform helps guide research mentors and their students through the different phases of your scholarly projects curriculum - all while providing administrators with integrated tools to manage, track, evaluate, and analyze their program.

Access the H1 database of over 9 million providers and map the scholarly and clinical impact of your alumni. See the impact of your research programs, streamline NIH training grants, and support alumni engagement activities.

Grow hospital service-lines and drive outcomes with access to nationwide patient referral insights.

Our market insights data helps you identify new out-of-network referral opportunities in-line with your health systems’ desired specifications. Track referral trends, insurance coverage, and patient needs over time to determine the right time to engage.

Monitor market share shifts over time to determine if your physician engagement efforts are creating value for your healthcare organization.

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