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Integrate Diversity and Inclusion Insights into Daily Activities to Drive Better Representation Across Clinical Trial Recruitment
and Engagement.

Uncover the diverse investigators that have access to the right patient population to run a successful clinical trial based on past performance and future indicators.

Diversity & Inclusion

Differentiate diverse physicians and target patient populations who might be eligible to participate in current and upcoming clinical studies.

CTMS Integration & Data Assessments

Tap into PI InSite analysis, trial performance benchmarking based on CTMS data, indication landscaping and competitive intelligence reports.

Performance Benchmarking

The H1 Data Network augments standard feeds with relevant data elements from its network partners, generating a unique and unparalleled dataset, unavailable anywhere else in industry.

Next Generation Clinical Trial
Data & Analytics

Discover diverse physician and patient populations, understand investigators and their expertise relevant to areas of interest, and evaluate the global clinical landscape.

Deploy Smarter PI and Site Selection Strategies

Compare internal performance metrics against industry benchmarks to enable more effective engagement and selection strategies for Sites and PIs used by competitors and similar study designs.

Continually scan the competitive landscape

Understand and keep track of the clinical and competitive landscape in which any company, team or development program is positioned.

Gain a holistic view of diversity across your trials

Benefit from both understanding statistical diversity (age, gender, ethnicity) and a diversity of thought (advocacy, influence, outreach).

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