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Accelerate equitable advances in clinical treatment

Access data from public, proprietary, and private data sources to power clinical trials using H1’s Trial landscape.

Site Experience

Understand site research impact and benchmarking criteria to streamline feasibility analyses and expand trial access for patients faster.

Investigator Analysis

Expand your understanding of investigators and their experience most relevant to your areas of interest to help increase diversity and inclusion in clinical trials.

Clinical Landscaping

Understand which investigators and sites are involved in new trials to diversify your partners, portfolio, or pipeline.

Research reimagined.

Arm clinical trial teams with rich, global data to effectively partner with all-star scientific experts who will change standards of care for patients around the world.

Minimize risks of accrual delays

Find out where experienced investigators and the best suited trial sites are for clinical studies to ensure as many patients as possible have the opportunity to enroll if eligible.

Continually scan the competitive landscape

Get a global overview of what trials are underway in your therapeutic areas of interest and drill-down to uncover insights for strategic planning.

Gain a holistic view of diversity across your trials

Benefit from both understanding statistical diversity (age, gender, ethnicity) and a diversity of thought (advocacy, influence, outreach).

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