Provider data management costs the healthcare industry billions of dollars annually. Inadequate provider data management negatively impacts the patient experience, provider network adequacy, provider directory accuracy, and regulatory compliance. H1 Precise provides health plans and digital health companies with the most current, actionable and high-quality provider data available.

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Manage Provider Data and Directories with Precision

Discover the single source of truth for provider directory data.


The H1 provider data management ecosystem continuously monitors for data inaccuracies for fast resolution.


Beyond demographic provider data, H1 aggregates, validates and maintains active state licensing as well as patient coverage, affiliation, office hours, and more.


Fast and easy access to high quality provider data via API or S3 connections.

Comprehensive and Complete

Healthcare’s infrastructure layer and source of truth for provider directories.

Provider Engagement

Improve provider outreach, network adequacy and recruitment efforts without additional administrative burden.

Comply with Regulations

Address requirements set forth by regulations like H.R. 133, the Interoperability and Patient Access Rule, and the No Surprises Act (NSA) which protects patients from unauthorized out-of-network billing.

Improve the Patient Experience

Ensure patients have access to the right in-network providers when they need it most.

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