The collaboration platform to manage all aspects of student research projects. Share access, coordination and guidance so medical students and mentors can partner and thrive together

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Key Features
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Accelerate medical research programs.

Connect students with the best research opportunities and mentors in a digital first experience.

Searchable research opportunities

Quickly search and apply for research projects within a comprehensive, up-to-date database.

Mentor matching

Empower students to find the right mentor for their interests with in-depth scholarly output information.

Student project management

Seamlessly onboard medical students to view research progress while keeping mentors and faculty informed.

Drive student research engagement.

Foster a culture of tackling innovative research from the beginning of someone’s medical education journey with ease.

Showcase research opportunities for students

Provide your students with the tools they need to discover unique research projects they are passionate about that will contribute to existing and emerging literature bases.

Match medical students with mentors

Make it easy for students to find mentors in their field to nurture and navigate early-career decisions on one integrated communication platform.

Track student's educational progress

Help students successfully make their way through their studies by tracking their progress and keeping all relevant parties engaged in their education.

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