HCP Universe

AI-powered Medical Affairs and MSL platform that delivers 360-degree, evidence-based insights for HCPs and KOLs globally including the work they engage in, their spheres of influence and the patient populations they serve.

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AI-powered and Evidence-based HCP Intelligence to Fuel
Scientific Collaboration

Tap into Life Science’s trusted source of HCP intelligence to drive meaningful engagements with HCPs for successful deployment of treatments that improve quality of life for people around the world.

Access Comprehensive & Global Data

Search, filter, sort and tag HCPs and KOLs within the world's most trusted source of healthcare professional information spanning 10M+ HCPs and 10B+ patient doctor interactions globally.

Identify Ways to Expand Your Brand and KOL Engagements

Users can explore and understand an HCP’s social network in conjunction with their academic and research collaborations; and identify new thought leaders and rising stars to maintain a competitive advantage in your TA.

Complementary to Existing Workflows

Custom AI powered activity feeds & workflows allow users to receive trustworthy updates on the latest activities of HCPs based on public and proprietary knowledge to ensure consistent and meaningful engagements.

Connecting Medical Affairs
and MSLs with the Right
Thought Leaders.

H1’s proprietary algorithms organize billions of data points to create insights into people and institutions that you can’t find anywhere else. With global coverage of thought and treatment leaders, you can find the right HCP, digital influencers, and rising stars to drive decision-making and increase adherence to evidence-based medicine.

Maximize Time for Relationship Building

AI-powered out-of-the-box insights are tailored to inform MSL and Headquarter decisioning and create a smarter notification system to improve and accelerate quality thought leader engagement. The insights enable companies to establish more efficient workflows, identify market signals that impact strategic decisions, and help medical field teams drive scientific advancement effectively.

Flexibly Adapt Your Search in Seconds

Easily uncover HCP connections, identify HCPs that work well together, compare and contrast HCPs, and determine if HCPs meet certain criteria. Customizable, one-click search filters can reveal unique HCP segments like prolific publishers, early career influencers, and industry speakers.

Customizable Activity Feeds & Workflows

Experience standardized workflows, as well as customized individual user experiences with composable weekly email digest, custom attributes and flexible tags with individual user permissions to stay abreast of industry changes.

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