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The single source of truth about medical professionals globally. Identify and engage healthcare providers from advisory board members, to treatment specialists, digital opinion leaders and more.

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Supercharge scientific collaboration.

Explore the global medical expert community using H1’s convenient and comprehensive HCP Universe platform.

Global HCPs Repository

Search, filter and sort top KOLs for every situation in our comprehensive database of 10M+ global HCPs.

Dynamic User Profiles

Gain timely insights on past, present, and emerging accomplishments from HCPs  around the world.

Up-to-date Activity Feed

Receive breaking updates on the latest HCP activities to ensure that every engagement is meaningful.

Create purposeful partnerships.

Build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with top healthcare providers based on a deep understanding of their activities, interests and scientific needs.

Maximize Time for Relationship Building

Learn about an HCP’s sphere of scholarly influence in record time by viewing consolidated insights harmonized from many data sources to eliminate time-consuming research.

Flexibly Adapt Your Search in Seconds

Quickly tailor searches to ensure you’re continuously connecting with the right HCPs at the right time based on evolving organizational needs and goals.

Updated Daily

Using machine learning, H1 is able to build data pipelines that keep every piece of information updated in real-time to give users unprecedented insights.

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