H1 and Faculty Opinions Partnership

H1 is excited to bring new and unique insights into our platform through our integration and partnership with Faculty Opinions. Faculty Opinions is an online research-assessment service where more than 8,000 experts from the world’s leading medical institutions recommend and assess the quality of research articles and clinical trials. With our Faculty Opinions partnership, H1 is providing new and valued information about peer-nominated healthcare professional (“HCP”) faculty and their opinions on work within their areas of expertise.
Our new Faculty Opinions partnership provides:
The ability to quickly identify individuals who are faculty members in Faculty Opinions
A summary of publications reviewed by individual faculty members and their recommendations of those publications. This is represented through a new tab in within the HCP's profile.
A view into publications an author
has contributed
to which have recommendations by the
Faculty Opinions community.
About H1

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About Faculty Opinions

Faculty Opinions is the only research evaluation platform that combines expert opinion with citation data to provide early indication of the most impactful research in Biology and Medicine. With more than 225,000 Recommendations from a Faculty of leading researchers and clinicians, Faculty Opinions helps you identify rising stars in research, follow the opinion of industry experts, and benchmark the quality of your own research.