Manage Provider Data and Directories with Precision

Discover the single source of truth for provider directory data.

Inaccurate provider data directly impacts patient access to care, diagnosis and treatment. To build a more equitable healthcare system, foundational provider data is critical.

Despite the healthcare industry spending conservatively $2.1 billion annually to address the issue, over 50% of the data in any given provider directory is wrong.

Payers struggle to streamline the millions of data points needed to maintain network adequacy, facilitate access to care, successfully treat patients and compensate the provider while maintaining quality initiatives. 

Payers have an obligation to their members to provide the information they need to get the care they deserve. Regulatory pressures also abound: 

     • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires qualified health plans (QHPs) offered through the Marketplace         to ensure a sufficient choice of providers

     • The No Surprises Act establishes that  claims for out-of-network services may be denied altogether or         covered at a reduced rate.

H1 Precise takes the burden of provider data management off of payers and digital health companies so their resources can be applied to helping patients engage in their care more effectively.

With H1’s Precise payers and digital health companies benefit from: 


• H1 continuously monitors for data    inaccuracies, and in real-time,    corrects inaccurate provider data
• In addition, H1 Precise users benefit    from a shared data-network across    all H1 partners - when provider    information is updated for one    client, it is shared across the    entirety of the H1 data network to    ensure a single source of truth for    all H1 partners.


• 10M+ HCP Profiles
• Contact information: 6M+ Phone    Numbers, 600K+ Email Addresses 
• Affiliation data including: 8K    Hospitals, 10K University Research    Centers, 100K Group Practices


• Because H1 leverages their data    ecosystem, in which partners share    updated provider information to the    network, the investment is    substantially more reasonable than    that required to use other vendors.

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