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Creating a community where industry can access the recommendations and opinions of experts and experts can amplify their work to advance the world of medicine and biology.

Next-Gen Research

Not all medical research is created equal. One of the biggest challenges for labs, institutions, and biopharma companies today is finding the most relevant, high-quality research in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the amount of medical literature is growing exponentially, while the quality of many search databases is not.

Faculty Opinions, an H1 Community, is responding to the medical and scientific community’s call for more universal access to research communications and assessment by offering the only platform that seamlessly combines the opinions of world-class experts with bibliometric data to assess research quantitatively and quantitatively.

When Community Matters

There is power in numbers. Giving Medical and Biology experts the ability to join a community of other global leaders in their field, including Nobel Laureates, Lasker award winners and fellows of national scientific academies is an amazing opportunity to create a healthier future. Together they can share their work, amplify the work of others – and drive medicine forward.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“There are not enough hours in the day to read all the papers in my area of research. I trust the Faculty Opinions recommendations to point me to the key studies. These expert reviews help me prioritize which papers to read and trust. I often use the opinion of Faculty Members as an independent validation of publications, as too often authors hype their findings.”

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Top 10 Pharma Company

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