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Transforming how patients discover, evaluate and engage doctors, while helping payors solve provider data accuracy challenges.

Ensure patients have access to the doctors they need when they need them

Payors and digital health companies alike are responsible for building robust provider networks to care for the patients they serve.  Payors and digital health companies rely on accurate provider information to refer patients to the right HCPs and maintain network adequacy. Patients depend on the information payors gather and publish to inform and coordinate their care plans.  The challenge however, is that provider data changes so frequently that it has become an unmanageable expense and effort for payors and digital health companies to handle on their own.

Bad Provider Data Yields Bad Service

Payors and digital health companies are in business to help coordinate care and improve health outcomes for the patients they serve. Mounting regulatory pressures like the No Surprises Act, add pressure to already stretched IT resources and divert the efforts of important staff from patient-centric activities to often manual data validation. The consequences of not having a fully vetted provider data management strategy range from patient frustration, to reputational risk, to challenges processing claims quickly to unnecessary print and mail costs.

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“Our partnership with H1 ensures expediency, data integrity, and compliance, so our members can optimize their care with the most up-to-date information in the fastest amount of time possible.”

Anirban Gangopadhyay
 Co-founder and CTO of Angle Health

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