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Accelerate all phases of the sales cycle undertaken by commercial teams.

The Changing Landscape

The healthcare landscape has forever been changed. Everything from how patients receive care, to how providers evaluate new treatments for their patient panel, to how Medical Device companies identify doctors who would benefit most from their latest breakthroughs - looks different. For Medical Device companies to realize their full commercial potential, data management, customer profiling, and commercial excellence must be addressed in a way that does not add more burden on field sales teams and takes advantage of intelligent healthcare data platforms that synthesize billions of data points into meaningful insights for commercial teams.

Time is Money

Sales and data are interdependent. On average, sales reps spend 17% of their day just entering data. Why? Because it’s the data that helps representatives find leads, market products, and drive home a sale. Organizing that data is a challenge all medical device sales reps face because they are interacting with more complex products and customers. Missing important connections in the data will reflect poorly on the entire company and cost thousands if not millions of dollars in lost sales.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“With Carevoyance, I was able to dive into the hospital’s business. We are perceived more as consultants than just as another sales rep. In fact, after the meeting, I had both the CEO and CFO reach out separately thanking me for the (Carevoyance) analysis.”

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