Extend your team with an H1 partnership

Leverage our team of industry experts to take the data and insights from our platform and turn them into measurable outcomes to meet your ever-changing goals.

Our professional services create action from insights

Proven Implementations

  • Ensure our data is sliced and tagged to meet your specific business requirements
  • Flexible methodology, meeting needs of large, agile roll outs and quick targeted launches, aligned to your goals and pipeline needs

Proven Integrations

  • Ability for low IT touch deployments thanks to out of the box capabilities
    - CRM integrations in less than one hour
    - Out of the box data feeds
  • Secure authentication and user management leveraging client single sign-on capabilities

Proven Solutions

  • Industry experts who understand how you operate and utilized thought leaders
  • Tailored reports and in-depth analysis to unlock key insights
  • Dedicated SMEs acting as an extension of your team

Training & Onboarding

  • Local language
  • Self service training
  • Client specific use-case training

Success and Support

  • Dedicated expert to manage your account
  • Ongoing support and trainings with rapid data request processing
  • Business reviews and reporting metrics
  • Product Release management


  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Ability to turn on and off data to restrict access to appropriate individuals