Market share: Answer strategic questions by mapping patient referral behavior

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

Healthcare professionals make high-impact decisions for their organizations on a daily basis. Many turn to data to help remove the complexity from this decision-making, but with limited access to data outside of their organization, it is impossible to see the full picture. Without up to date market insights, these important decisions will continue to be made in the dark. 

H1 Referral Intelligence highlights physician referral behavior to show where they are sending patient referrals to, and where they are receiving referrals from. We do this by monitoring billions of medical claims for hundreds of millions of patients. By combining this claims data with our provider database of over 9 million global providers, H1 users can identify referral behavior in every zip code across the country by service-line, and sub-service line (diagnosis and procedure codes). 

These insights identify physician referral trends across hospitals, health networks, and clinics. H1 can see each healthcare organization's proportion of referrals within its broader community, unlocking insights into the total volume of eligible patients and each provider's market share of patient referral activity across service lines and specialties. This market share data helps healthcare providers answer core strategic questions by showing which providers to engage with today, and help understand where or how to grow your service lines in the future.

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