Key Opinion Leader - Dr. Wiebke Arlt’s Impact on Endocrinology

Maria Amorosso

April 21, 2020

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Who is Dr. Wiebke Arlt?

Dr. Arlt is a leading healthcare Professional whose specialty is endocrinology. According to the University of Birmingham, “Wiebke Arlt is the William Withering Chair of Medicine and Director of the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research, IMSR, at the University of Birmingham. She leads a large, multi-disciplinary research group...investigating the regulation and role of steroid metabolism and action in health and disease. As an Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist, she leads specialist services for patients with adrenal and gonadal disorders at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.” She is also the Editor-in-Chief at the European Journal of Endocrinology. 

What is her specialty? 

Dr. Arlt specializes in endocrinology, as well as diabetes and metabolism. According to Academia Net, her research interests include steroid endocrinology, steroid metabolomics, androgen excess and deficiency, pre-receptor steroid regulation, systems biology, adrenal and gonadal disorders.

What work is she currently doing? 

Dr. Wiebke is currently a professor, as well as the William Withering Chair of Medicine, and the Director of the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research. Notably, she’s the Director of Equality at the University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences. 

Social Media Presence 

Dr. Arlt enjoys a broad social media presence, with 2,437 followers on Twitter and over 500 connections on LinkedIn. Due to the breadth of her work and studies, she has had 956 social media mentions stemming from the span of her career.

What is her research background? 

Dr. Arlt has co-authored a total of 397 publications throughout the span of her tenure so far. Her work has been cited 16,800 times. She has participated in 9 clinical trials. The top condition for the trials has been Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. The top intervention has been Hydrocortisone Modified Release Capsules.

At H1, we acknowledge and commemorate Dr. Wiebke Arlt’s hard work in the endocrinology space, as well as her support of gender equality. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of her work in the endocrinology universe, especially regarding polycystic ovary syndrome, her valuable perspective, and her positive contributions to society.

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