How H1 Thinks About Growing Its Team and How to Get a Job at H1

How H1 Thinks About Growing Its Team and How to Get a Job at H1

Josh Pirtle

March 3, 2021

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H1 is trying to create a healthier future, and we want people to help create this future with us. The vision for how we create a healthier future is by connecting the healthcare ecosystem.

The only way we can achieve this mission is by building a team of people who are excited about this vision, have the talent to make it happen, and fit into our values-driven culture.

We’ve made the commitment as a company to champion our values of customer success (“Client First Mentality”), collaboration (“One Team”), constructive feedback (“Beautiful Polished Rocks”), and ownership (“Take Accountability”) above everything else. We are continually defining what they look like in action, and we want these ideals to also be reflected in how we hire, fire, promote, and evaluate performance overall.

In that spirit, we want to make clear how someone who believes in our mission can get a job at H1. Here are the criteria that we care about, and that our People team uses to assess if someone is a good fit:
1. Candidate aligns with H1’s values and has a passion for H1’s mission
2. Candidate has the skills needed to be successful in the role
3. Candidate has relevant experience for the role

We also want to provide some more details about our values. 
1) Client First Mentality
We put the user and client first when making our decisions.
2) One Team
We work together to take on challenges, mindful of checking our egos. We’re
here for the mission.
3) Beautiful Polished Rocks
The best ideas come from a group of passionate people working together,
throwing their ideas against each other’s, and together coming up with a better
solution than any one person can come up with alone.
4) Take Accountability
No problem at H1 is not your problem.

If you share a passion for our mission, believe in our values, and have the right ability, we want to work with you. During the interview process, you’ll meet people from across the company, and those selected will go through a multi-stage process during which members of our team will interview a candidate with a focus on our values. Check out the current openings at H1 to learn more and apply.

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