H1 Launches H1 Explorer

Ariel Katz

April 17, 2020

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HCPs can now update profiles on largest global healthcare platform to own their narrative and get in front of key stakeholders in the medical, life science, and pharma communities

H1, which provides the largest global healthcare platform that connects healthcare professionals, announced today that it has launched H1 Explorer, the first platform that has over 10 million healthcare professional (HCPs) profiles, and is allowing HCPs to claim and update their profiles. This is the most comprehensive platform of HCPs ever assembled, and HCPs can now claim their H1 profile to use as their digital CV, connect with industry influencers, and access research, speaking, and clinical trial opportunities. By signing up and claiming a profile, healthcare professionals can unlock collaboration opportunities with peers and stakeholders throughout the medical, life science, and pharma communities, accelerating the advancement of science.

Today, healthcare professionals are using only a fraction of the opportunities that they could to speed research and increase access to information cross functionally. With H1 Explorer, they can uncover opportunities to do this simply by highlighting their own work accomplishments and telling their story - what they have done, what they are working on, and how they want to shape the future. 

H1 makes it easy for healthcare professionals to share their work by pre-populating and auto-maintaining profiles with their work history, publications, clinical trials, and more. All a doctor, nurse, or other HCP has to do is visit doctors.h1 insights.com, search for themselves, and claim their profile.

“The H1 Explorer network is a unique platform that can connect medical professionals in new and meaningful ways,” said Salman Rafi Punekar, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) at NYU Langone Health. “As the network expands, I foresee applications that can increase collaboration between researchers, facilitate clinical trial enrollment, and bridge gaps between academic and community practices, all of which are particularly relevant in oncology.”

H1 Explorer currently includes over 10 million pre-populated profiles with automatically updated publications, clinical trials, and congress data for health care providers, making it the best place for healthcare professionals to own their narrative and share their profile with key decision makers across the healthcare ecosystem.

“Today, healthcare professionals are left in a position where opportunities for collaboration are being made about them, but without any opportunity for them to showcase who they are and how they intend to shape the future of science and healthcare,” said Ariel Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of H1.  “H1 Explorer gives healthcare professionals the platform to tell their narrative. H1’s mission is to create a healthier future by connecting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem - healthcare professionals are at the center of this and with Explorer they are finally in the driver's seat.”

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