A Solution That Brings Life Sciences Teams The Data Needed To Build More Inclusive, Successful Trials

Josh Pirtle

April 17, 2020

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H1 Trial Landscape helps companies determine the best location and investigators for their specific trial type globally

H1 announced today that it has launched H1 Trial Landscape, the first solution that not only helps pharma and life sciences companies determine the required clinical experience levels for their clinical trials, but also enables them to find the best patient segments to improve inclusivity, retention and recruitment for successful trials.

Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of trials fail to enroll patients in a timely manner, causing delays in the trial process. By providing powerful data insights, H1 can reverse this trend to empower companies to create a healthier future for patients across the globe.

H1 Trial Landscape can help companies:

Lower study startup costs by planning more efficiently

• Understand the site and investigator clinical trial landscape

• Make better partnership choices for studies based on patient needs and organizational interest

• Improve patient retention and reduce risk of patient recruitment failure

• Simplify internal staff training with one platform that evolves with a drug’s lifecycle

H1 has also pioneered a path forward for pharma and life sciences by partnering with physicians and organizations to map relevant trends within clinical trial diversity and inclusion.  This new data comes as a response to new FDA guidance around enhancing diversity in clinical trials and encouraging inclusivity in medical product development, given life sciences companies are now required to report on the diversity of their trial patient populations. 

“H1 Trial Landscape can help a company complete feasibility much more quickly, often in hours, instead of weeks,” said Ariel Katz, cofounder and CEO of H1. “And it’s the only such solution that specifically addresses and segments potential diverse patient populations for clinical trials.”

One of the first companies to utilize H1 Trial Landscape is a leader in data-driven and innovative clinical trials, TrialSpark, which runs clinical trials in partnership with multiple pharma and life sciences companies. "H1’s solutions have helped us greatly accelerate proposal development as well as the trial planning phase to help us find KOLs and identify high quality potential sites to advance our recruitment initiatives,” said Leslie Saltzman, Senior Medical Director, TrialSpark “Not only does H1’s mission really resonate with our team, but we've appreciated the ability to partner to help bring diversity to clinical trials, ultimately increasing access to a broader population of patients.  Anything that helps us advance clinical research is a huge win, which makes H1 a no-brainer for us.”

Powered by H1’s existing HCP Universe platform which consists of industry leading site and investigator data, H1 Trial Landscape is available as an add-on to the H1 HCP universe solution. Learn more at H1 Trial Landscape.

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