H1 is announcing the launch of Business Resource Groups (BRGs)!

Josh Pirtle

December 9, 2021

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As H1 expands we’re excited to share more about our culture and value based initiatives. Check out the below to learn more about what we’re all about!  

H1 is announcing the launch of Business Resource Groups (BRGs)! These groups are made up of individuals who join together based on common interests and/or backgrounds. They will come together to:

  1. Create a safe space enabling team members to have open discussions that promote cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion.
  2. Aid in professional development, promote networking, and deepen team members’ circle of influence.
  3. Partner in community efforts and broaden H1’s impact beyond day-to-day tasks. 

We’ve launched a Women’s BRG, Working Parents BRG and People of Color BRG. Each group will contribute to H1 across 3 pillars:  

  1. Business Impact: Incorporate learnings and principles of diversity and inclusion into H1’s  day-to-day business initiatives, values and culture.  
  2. Engagement & Development: Attract and engage members through social/interactive programs. Provide networking opportunities  and resources for career advancement.
  3. Community Outreach: Provide team members opportunities to volunteer, give back to local communities and charities, and engage with community programs aligned to their BRG mission.

H1 has also launched Employee Engagement Groups (EEGs), LGBTQ+, Veterans, and Disability Awareness to allow further connection for employees who have similar identities, backgrounds and experiences. These groups promote active discussions, resource sharing, and collaboration. As H1 grows, we hope to expand EEGs into more robust BRGs.

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