Dr. Krishna Aragam's Impact on Cardiology

Dr. Krishna Aragam's Impact on Cardiology

Maria Amorosso

May 12, 2021

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Who is Dr. Krishna Aragam?

Dr. Aragam is a Rising Star and Preventive Cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital as well as an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. According to Kathiresan Lab, he is interested in “the clinical translation of human genetic data to improve risk stratification for primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention.  He has been involved with basic science investigations in atherosclerosis as an undergraduate at Harvard College, clinical outcomes research of acute coronary syndrome patients during medical school at the University of Michigan, and cardiovascular genetic epidemiology as an internal medicine resident at the University of Pennsylvania.”

What is his specialty? 

Dr. Aragam’s specialty is in Cardiology.

What work is he currently doing?

Dr. Aragam is currently working in cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructing students at Harvard Medical.

Social Media Presence 

Dr. Krishna Aragam has a moderate social media presence, with 22 connections on LinkedIn and 481 followers on Twitter. Due to the breadth of his work and studies, he has had 14,700 social media mentions stemming from the span of his career.

What is his research background? 

As of right now, Dr. Aragam has co-authored a total of 55 publications throughout the span of his tenure. Her work has been cited 2,100 times. At the moment, he has not participated in any clinical trials.

H1 acknowledges and commemorates Dr. Krishna Aragam’s hard work in cardiology and the impact that his research has had on patients across the globe. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of his work in the cardiology space, his valuable perspective in the medical field, and his positive contributions to society. 

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