Referral Networks: Identify the Regional Leaders Who are Seeing the Most Patients Related to a Certain Diagnosis.

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

Publications can only get you so far; if you really want to know who’s actively treating patients in a therapeutic area, you need access to claims data.

H1’s Claims Data monitors nearly 4 million HCPs by tracking over 3-billion diagnosis codes (ICD) along with 2-billion procedure codes. This feature, combined with H1’s extensive database on HCP scholarly work, gives users the insights to KOLs that most existing solutions are unable to provide. Helping you engage and understand HCPs better than ever.

With our NEW Claims Data, we give our users an even deeper understanding of HCPs and HCOs!

One of those new data points is: Referral Networks. Referral mapping helps users better understanding how the community of physicians is treating a disease by looking not just at the national and international leaders but also at those HCP treating a particular disease within the community and how they interact with one another. The ability to truly understand how treating physicians are referring patients you can improve patient outcomes via the correct treatment options and more accurately/ strategically target impactful HCPs to improve the patient outcomes. 

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