Scientific Communication

Scientific Communication

Josh Pirtle

February 9, 2021

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H1 has recently completed a scientific study to better understand the share of voice and sentiment associated with specific keywords around key time intervals as they relate to Conferences Posters, Twitter, Reddit, etc. H1’s does this by using artificial intelligence software to analyzes said keywords providing a Altmetric Attention Score.

To accomplish this objective H1 teamed up with the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia: Takeda. Takeda developed a set of keywords they were interested in understanding along with the key conferences of interest. H1 was able to leverage the already existing publications data from our powerful database that collects data daily from Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, and Conference Posters. Leveraging text analysis tools, H1 was able to ingest the data from those sources and discover the number of mentions of those keywords and at what intervals those mentions occurred. 

What resulted from the initial analysis is a good overview of the share of voice (share of voice refers to the number of entries referencing a particular entity. In this case the entries are Tweets, Publications, etc and the entities are specific relevant drugs) across the platforms and sources monitored. Additionally, H1. was able to determine the number of times a particular theme was mentioned and connect the two elements together in the analysis, providing an overview of the common concepts that are linked in the minds of the audience discussing the products. 

With the core set of initial data collected, H1 was also able to run sentiment analysis on the data collected from the body of Tweets that contained any of the selected Keywords or product names. The sentiment analysis that H1 provided covered a wide range of displaying the themes and the common sentiment associated with the product associated with that theme in particular.

The insights H1 was able to provide that resulted from this study is as follows:

  • Analysis of drug visibility based on publication volume, online attention, and congress activity for leading drugs.
  • Provides insights into the competitive landscape
  • Themes and keywords reveal areas of focus and help identify key issues for readers (patients and clinicians), which - in this analysis - included safety and cost of the target drug.
  • Help inform strategic publication initiatives to improve awareness and address knowledge gaps

To acquire more information about this study or to learn more about H1’s other scientific studies, you can click here to talk to a friendly H1 team member.

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