How H1 Technology and Data Support Clinical Research

How H1 Technology and Data Support Clinical Research

Josh Pirtle

February 9, 2021

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H1 is working every day to make a positive impact in healthcare. Our technology and data systems are designed to support clinical research. By connecting with health care providers around the globe, we bring big ideas to the forefront of healthcare. Thought leaders connect through our technology, and come together for new breakthroughs in clinical trials and research.

We update our data sources based on availability, and strive to provide the most up-to-date clinical research and thought-leader information. 

People are More than Data: We Help you Connect and Create Change

We connect people, and hope to foster changes and innovations in the healthcare world. Some of the amazing health care providers and other healthcare-related professionals you’ll find to support your clinical research:

  • Academic Leaders
  • Clinical Leaders
  • Treatment Leaders
  • Social Media Leaders
  • Society Leaders
  • Rising Stars

Through H1, we have implemented an in-depth methodology to identify leaders. We start by defining keywords for the therapeutic area, and representing key specialties. From there, we identify congresses and societies, then review scholarly output. We use machine learning and classification, review subject matter, and then go through a client review and feedback phase. You see the final product upload, identifying leaders in each therapeutic area and specialty. 

Machine Learning Brings Thought Leaders Together

Our machine learning products help sort through massive amounts of information to return the best results. Our technology produces industry-leading precision and recall results. We not only give you the most results, but we also give you the most relevant results, saving you time sorting through information that’s irrelevant to your current project. 

For example, H1 created an algorithm to identify the actual authors of medical publications from raw string names, where others have failed. This identification helps find related materials, and makes our research information more accurate. 

We reveal the names of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and their network members segmented by national, regional, and local geographies. We go further and send surveys to high-prescribing health care providers via mail and web panels, where we ask them to identify other health care providers that educate them on specific disease areas. We call these peer nomination surveys, and the input we gain from working with health care professionals helps our machines to identify leaders more accurately. 

Social Media Information for Key Events

If you want to see what’s trending in your specialty on social media, we’ve got you covered. We break down publications, abstracts, and conference presentations by health care provider interest, and show you the communication of these key events on social media. This communication can be in the form of reshares, opinions citing the key event, and announcements of new research that cite the original event. We call this our Social Media Cascade, which helps connect health care providers to powerful information available online. 

Trusted by the top Medical Affairs companies in the world, H1 has the most accurate and most updated data in healthcare today.

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