H1 Providing Free Access to HCPs

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

H1 Providing Free Access to HCPs in need of Medical Supplies During COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, we want to extend a thank you to the health care professionals on the front lines and those working diligently to understand COVID-19 and work towards controlling the virus. We see our healthcare providers as the true heroes in these unprecedented times. With the rapid advancement in the medical field, a shortage of PPE worldwide, and an information gap for many providers, we seek to offer a solution for all healthcare providers to gain knowledge, connections, and access to medical supplies.

 We see valuable breakthroughs, new connections, and great collaborations happening on our platform for the healthcare industry each day. We want to extend free access to HCPs in need of medical supplies during the current pandemic to help bring medical providers together to source medical supplies, share medical information, and understand the newest research. 

H1 understands the added stress of sourcing medical supplies and information during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to help in any way possible. 

With our platform, you can search which doctors are treating COVID-19 patients. Once you find the doctor, you’ll receive pertinent information to their medical cases and have the opportunity to reach out and collaborate.

When you take advantage of free access to H1’s platform, you’ll see:

People Profiles: Understand and analyze an HCPs body of work. Access their latest publications, trials, payments, congresses, social media history, and much more. 

When you find the doctor, it will tell you the date they treated them, how many they have treated, and all the contact information email, phone, address one would need to get in touch with them. 

Within our platform you’ll be able to search through medical professionals in a wide variety of fields from across the globe:

  • 1.4mm Healthcare Professionals
  • Researchers, Physicians, Pharmacists
  • Administration, Nurses, and much more.

Institution Profiles: Be able to identify and deeply understand all the activities happening at every healthcare institution in the world with institution profiles. 

With our wide network you’ll gain access to a plethora of institutions from everywhere in the world:

  • 4,000+ Hospitals and Health Systems
  • 400+ Academic Institutions
  • 75,000+ Private Practices

H1’s Data feed: With all the changes that occur in the healthcare ecosystem, H1 makes it easy to stay current with all this information.

Our data feeds provide up-to-date information on medical journals, clinical trials, and so much more:

  • 100mm+ Journal Articles
  • 250k+ Clinical Trials
  • $9B+ Sunshine / Open Payments
  • 500+ Life Science Congresses

H1’s team of engineers, PhDs, Medical Experts, and data scientists are ready to create custom solutions to your data needs. We partner with many institutions and pharmaceutical companies on breakthrough projects and trials that leverage H1’s data lake. We want to work on the most significant challenges facing the healthcare space and provide data solutions.

We have been in the fight against knowledge gaps in the medical world long before COVID-19, and plan to keep bringing medical communities together for many years to come. We hope our limited-time free access helps your medical team fulfill the needs for medical supplies and information during these trying times for the world’s health organizations. 

If you are a healthcare provider who wants more information about H1’s current free access and would like to contact our team for assistance, please email us at support@h1insights.com 

Trusted by the top Medical Affairs companies in the world, H1 has the most accurate and most updated data in healthcare today.