H1: Announcing A New Way to Identify KOLs with Procedure and Diagnosis Medical Claims Data

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

Publications can only get you so far; if you really want to know who’s actively treating patients in a therapeutic area, you need access to claims data.

Introducing H1’s newest addition to the already powerful: H1. Curie Platform. Now with claims data, H1 is monitoring nearly 9 million HCPs by tracking over 3-billion diagnosis codes (ICD) along with 2-billion procedure codes. This feature, combined with H1’s extensive database on HCP scholarly work, gives users the insights to KOLs that most existing solutions are unable to provide. Helping you engage and understand HCPs better than ever.

Claims data can allow teams to understand the top doctors seeing patients in any therapeutic area. By collecting diagnosis and procedure level claims data, we can connect our HCP profiles to their appropriate work with patients. You can also filter this data by institutions and by region. This can be crucial for finding the most influential doctors in the specified therapeutic area, something that would not be possible by traditional KOL identification methods. 

This data is updated quarterly so the data is always current and relevant.

See how this feature and other H1 features can help you become an expert  https://www.h1insights.com