Your CRM at Maximum Strength: Powered by H1

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

Your Medical CRM is now more powerful than ever! Introducing H1. for CRM - healthcare CRM Integration. The world’s largest life science database with in-depth coverage in over 8 million HCPs and 16,000 HCOs across the globe can now be integrated directly into your medical CRM instantly making it easier and faster to track, analyze, and glean insights into the people, organizations, and findings shaping the healthcare market.



  • Publications: Collecting and organizing data from thousands of hospital and university, along with millions of social media posts in real-time,  keeping you up to date with the most relevant publications on you HCP.



  • Clinical Trials: Understanding which clinical trials your HCPs are participating in currently and which clinical trials they have done in the past.



  • Experience: Knowing the history of where an HCPs has been and where they currently are gives you the ability to align your team geographically and another data point to help you take conversations deeper.



  • Collaborators:  Automatically organized by most to least collaborations, this feature not only lets you know who the HCP is currently working with but also who they have previously worked with.



Understanding an HCPs medical activities  (e.g. publishing, running clinical trials, speaking at conferences, how they treat patients, etc) or background (what is their specialty, what societies are they associated with, etc) is how you become an expert on them. Now that your medical CRM is equipped with H1, it has become a one-stop-shop for any and all medical affairs teams. The information you get with the H1 integration will help you identify promising opportunities and increase your odds for success.

You can experience just how powerful this integration is by scheduling a demo at your convenience.

Other desired H1 features: 

  • Scholarly Influence: A new and innovative KOL mapping feature leveraging citations; allowing all global H1. clients to track relationships between all 8-million HCPs within the H1. database.
  • Learn more about this feature here
  • Social Media: Utilizing the most comprehensive dataset of Social Media information available, H1’s new feature allows clients to glean insights into the content shaping the opinions of the HCP’s they’re engaging.
  • Learn more about this feature here