H1. Launches Bi-Directional Influence for all Global HCPs

Josh Pirtle
Feb 9, 2021

Today, H1. has launched a new feature that allows all clients to track the bi-directional influence of every HCP in H1. With over 8 million profiles updated every week, this feature allows a user to deeply understand who is influencing the work of every KOL.

Case Study: Hagop M.



This information can be used to understand:

  • The most scholarly influential individual in a Therapeutic Area
  • The HCPs that influence the leading KOLs

This feature launched today, exclusive to all H1 clients and users. To become a H1 client or schedule a demo to learn more click here

Everyday HCPs cite the work of other HCPs in their scholarly articles to acknowledge and validate the impact of the person’s work in the disease area.

To capture this information, H1. launched a new and innovative KOL mapping feature leveraging  citations; allowing all global H1. clients to track relationships between every HCP within the H1. database.  

This exciting information can be used to understand areas such as:

  • Two degrees of network mapping - HCPs that are most influenced by a KOL, and the HCPs that are influencing the KOL
  • Locations of the influencing KOLs - within and across countries
  • The institutions that are influenced by a KOL’s work
  • The most cited KOL in a Therapeutic Area or a specific indication
  • The scholarly work that is most influential in a Therapeutic Area
  • Individuals that may be appropriate for company publications, research insights and/or consultative agreements

This one of a kind feature, launched today, is exclusive  to all H1. clients and users. To learn more about H1., become an H1. client, or to learn more about the KOL referenced in the attached images, click here.