H1 At The New York Health Forum Panel

Ariel Katz
Feb 9, 2021

Chief Product Officer of H1, Ariel Katz, was delighted to take part in The New York Health Forum’s “Healthcare/Life Sciences Industry” panel. This panel convened in order to discuss the current state and potential future developments of digital health innovation. Alongside Ariel were several distinguished officers of companies currently making tremendous strides in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

The New York Health Forum strives to increase knowledge sharing in the healthcare and life sciences industries. By facilitating discussions on the issues facing public health, NYHF can help bring about collaboration between panel members and even potential solutions to these issues. The “Healthcare/Life Sciences Industry: Preparing for 2019” panel was the 11th panel held by NYHF.

One of the main discussion topics of the afternoon involved what trends the panelists believed would be most relevant in medical affairs in 2019. It was valuable to hear contributors to different sectors of the industry provide their opinion on this inquiry.

A significant trend that Ariel and H1 will continue to monitor in 2019 is the development of new scientific metrics that will allow users to better understand how impactful a new conference poster or scientific article for example, actually are.

We at H1, would like to thank The New York Health Forum as well as The Yale Club Manhattan for providing this valuable opportunity to connect with such accomplished professionals in the life sciences industry.

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